Gold Pendants

Learn About Gold Pendants

The gold pendant is a fundamental jewellery item for both men and women. Gold pendants span an extraordinarily wide range of styles, making them easy to personalise and popular among those who enjoy mixing and matching their jewellery pieces.

Gold Pendant Anatomy

Gold pendants are typically sold with a complimenting thin gold chain from which they hang.  The gold pendant may be comprised of a solid gold design that includes a hole for stringing a gold necklace through, or it can be comprised of three separate parts that are fused together: a centrepiece, a setting and a bail 

The Centrepiece

The centrepiece is the focus of a gold pendant. It may be comprised of any combination of materials including diamond, stone, wood, pearl or gold.

The Setting

The gold pendant’s setting is the precious metal casing that holds the centrepiece.  Many gold cameo pendants feature decorative gold settings while many coloured gemstone centrepieces showcase gold pendant settings with diamond side stones.  

The Bail

The gold pendant typically hangs on a chain necklace from a small gold loop called bail. Some bails are subtle; other bails feature subtle ornamentation such as forked or split designs, and still others are thick, elaborate and prominent.

Standard Gold Pendants

Gold Heart Pendants

Gold heart pendants feature romantic heart shapes that are either whole or outlined in form and hang delicately from a precious metal chain. Gold heart pendants may feature a setting and a bail, but don’t have to. Many more contemporary gold heart pendants, such as the open heart pendant, are outlined hearts crafted from gold. The base gold chain can be strung directly through the open heart gold pendant for a distinct asymmetrical look

Gold Solitaire Diamond Pendants

Gold solitaire diamond pendants feature a single diamond in a gold pendant setting hanging from a gold bail.  Most gold solitaire diamond pendants spotlight the centrepiece diamond as opposed to the gold setting or bail.

Gold Pearl Pendants

Gold pearl pendants feature delicate pearls either strung directly on a gold chain or set in a gold setting and hung from a stunning gold bail. Some gold pearl pendants feature multiple pearls and others incorporate diamonds or other coloured gemstones.

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