Diamond Pendants

Learn About Diamond Pendants

Elegant and classic, a diamond pendant subtly and tastefully compliments any outfit. Available in wide array of shapes, sizes and styles, the diamond pendant generally features a free falling pendant set with one or more diamonds which hangs off of a precious metal chain.

Favourite Diamond Pendants

Diamond Pendants are available in a wonderfully wide array of styles and designs; however the most popular diamond pendants are the solitaire diamond pendant, the diamond heart pendant, the diamond journey pendant and the diamond circle pendant.

Solitaire Diamond Pendants

The solitaire diamond pendant consists of a single dangling diamond framed in a precious metal setting. The prong setting and bezel setting are the two most popular solitaire diamond pendant settings. While the solitaire diamond pendant can feature various diamond sizes and shapes, the round brilliant diamond is by far the most common. The clean simplicity of the solitaire diamond pendant contributes to its overwhelming popularity.

Diamond Heart Pendants

The diamond heart pendant is by far the most romantic diamond pendant design. Its charming contour and symbolic nature make it a popular anniversary, Christmas or Mother’s Day gift. The heart-shaped diamond pendant may showcase a small diamond centre stone hanging from the inside tip of a precious metal heart; it may feature a heart-shaped precious metal pendant hanging from a diamond encrusted bail; or it may feature a precious metal heart-shaped pendant entirely encrusted with diamonds . The diamond heart pendant is imbued with sentimentality and romance, making it a delightful pendant design.

Diamond Journey Pendant

The Diamond Journey Pendant is a unique design that features a row of diamonds that gradually increase in size and shape. The diamonds may be positioned in a straight line or in an "S". The diamond journey pendant and the diamond journey ring is intended to represent the growth of a couple's relationship over all the twists and turns of life. Therefore it has become a traditional gift at weddings or anniversaries.

Diamond Circle Pendants

The diamond circle pendant features a precious metal pendant in the shape of a perfect circle whose face is paved with diamonds. The circular design symbolizes infinity and, like the diamond journey pendant, the diamond circle pendant also a popular engagement, wedding and anniversary gift.

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